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I did a mix!

2016-03-02 21:03:47 by jbarnett

I made a 26 minute DnB mix just for fun.


I need to finish moar trax

2014-11-04 21:07:46 by jbarnett

I keep losing focus and forgetting to finish things. In celebration of that, here's a trippy chillstep track that also isn't done.



I make breaks now...

2014-08-26 07:04:08 by jbarnett

This is what happened this time.  It just sorta... came out...


I call it "Turning Blue"


2014-08-14 02:22:35 by jbarnett

Resurrected Dune, finally.  Been messing with it agian and I'm loving it.



2014-08-08 04:56:40 by jbarnett

Did a little more work on Remote.  Added about 3 minutes.


I've been busy, I promise!

2014-08-07 20:56:39 by jbarnett

Trying to get somehing together for a friend or two to rap over.

I guess I'm back. With a vengeance maybe?...

2014-05-27 05:12:48 by jbarnett


It's been far too long since I had something I felt was worth showing off in any sense.

It has also been far too long since I could get a good trance beat down.

This is one of the seed files that my friend and I will build on and use to hone our sound.

I should point out that he hasn't even seen or heard this yet, at the time of posting.

This is just one knight of work by me alone.

Know that I in no way think that this is passable as a final track.

I know he's going to like something about it and we are going to have a lot of fun working together on music.

Look forward to more hype shit!

Computer Suicide. It's real...

2014-01-21 05:18:00 by jbarnett

Sooooooooo. The computer that I used to make music and play games on commited suicide.  Haven't had the money to get the hard drive recovered yet, but I just got this laptop today.  I'm looking forward to making beats again. Stay tuned, folks.

Delicious Beef

2013-06-27 03:51:28 by jbarnett

100% Beef is a glitch hop inspired thing that i'm not too sure is still glitch hop. Check it out and tell me what you think.

(The song in the link is not the same as the one on this site. It has been extended)

Atomic Bacon

2013-01-09 03:34:04 by jbarnett

Atomic Bacon is my newest project. Let me know what you think